Our story of re-enchantment

Dreaming into being Perspectivist

The essence behind our story 

Perspectivist is grounded in a dream. The agency’s founder, Jean-Philippe, dreamed of a world in which everyone has a place. Where every being is being listened to. Where we draw strength from telling stories of transcendence, stories as diverse as the people telling them. Where we recognize the beauty of vulnerability. Where we dare embrace the power of our wild and natural essence.

The essence of the story is about reconnecting to the sacred, living the wisdoms modern civilization has forgotten, celebrating the thrivability of life, and queering the potential of unique living systems. It’s an investigation of the power of consciousness, compassion and communications at an age of deep transformation. It’s an invitation to reconnect to place, purpose and the right pace. But it also contains violence.

At the heart of Perspectivist is the intention of channeling love’s wisdom into the web of life that is currently threatened at the very heart. Our planet has been raped and humans risk (bullshitting themselves into) extinction. In the mind, the question how to weave nourishing webs that reconnect to essence. What would the story of transcending our human potential as wise stewards as part of nature look like? In the gut, a feeling of urgency.


Child of his home planet Gaia, who’s already 3,8 billion years old and has loads of natural wisdoms to share, Jean-Philippe was born in 1989 - into an era that had been called “The End of History” by Francis Fukuyama. The victory of the “free world”? Turns out we were free to buy ourselves into extinction. His family had been divided by the Iron Curtain. The market economy promise of a free world for all was however as ephemeral as the dream of a better future under communist dictatorship in Romania.

After all, his generation and the generations to come have inherited oceans of plastic, thousands of years of radioactive waste, billions of poor people, unresolved colonial trauma, and the devastating climate consequences of industrialization. Today, he says he’s however grateful he did not have to live through the hardships that his French and Romanian grandparents had to live through.

It is on a toxic cultural ground that millennials and so many other generations were raised. Hundreds to thousands of years of patriarchy, submission of nature, and violence against women, black, disabled and queer people behind. Today, it is on that ground that grows the digital redemption promise that you can die alone in the Metaverse. Better, faster, stronger, they said without looking into your eyes.

Some were privileged to grow up in healthy, safe and loving environments. Some indigenous survived Western colonialism. These 5% protect 95% of biodiversity. Rape culture, violent language, mechanistic education systems, racism and homophobia also came down in everyday stories JP experienced – for instance being “invited” to “suck my Eiffel tower” by a boy at school. Turns out many among them are actually gay. This story is part of something bigger. Welcome to the narratives that shape your world.

Which perspectives are we holding onto? Will e-cars on Mars save us from the destruction of Mother Nature?


We have grown up in a world where we have learned to make ourselves believe that it is normal to be straight and white, normal to pollute and overconsume, normal to be violent, normal to be lonely, normal to rape Mother Nature. We have eroded, exploited, extinguished nature. In a fancy PR, marketing and communication dress with extra glitter. We have forgotten where we come from. In his search, Jean-Philippe came across a variety of approaches, traditions, and schools of thought that had a lot to say about what it means to be human and make sense.

Philosophy, politics, sociology, political sciences, then policy and communications. Yoga, meditation. Training on personal development, leadership development and executive coaching, then positive intelligence coaching, then creating a positive impact start-up … Crash. Stop. What are we running away from by seeking answers restlessly? The Covid experience was a trigger experience for JP, when things had to stop. A moment to hold in and look at the very essence of life. Realising how we are all interdependent and vulnerable.

As he learned to embrace the healing power of nature, he joined the Regenerative Leadership Journey by Laura Storm and Jenny Andersson. And a second time. His search for roots made him realise that many today are feeling like orphans, in a more spiritual sense. Disconnected from the wisdoms of nature, of indigenous traditions, of feminine wisdom, of their own family history, of the hidden wisdoms within their souls.

waking up

His covid experience was accompanied by a profound shift in the way of looking at the very reality of life. Like never before, he could feel in synchronicity with the rhythms, cycles and patterns of nature. Embodying the feeling of being part of nature. Sensing it, cherishing it, letting myself be enchanted by it. Cultivating the joy of attuning to the beautiful details in the complex web of life. Attuning to love. Finding places of the heart in the queer, regenerative and local communities.

Being part of nature was also learning to step back into power. The power to heal the broken relationships to life. Tell a story that weaves things back together. Story of justice. Story of peace. Story of being. Being life. How lucky to be still alive, to have air to breathe, water to drink and friends and lovers to share joy with. We wouldn’t let it be destroyed by buying from some megalomaniac billionaire asshole egos killing us slowly, would we? We would. And JP’s French part would call for a revolution.

It must be another power. A power rooted in love and the wisdom of nature. One that embraces life with the full prism of diversity, mystery, and potential. Being like mycelium. Nourishing the forest. Changing shape. Adapting. Being nourished. What we’re talking about is the search of the healing qualities in weaving things back together. Finding ways to listen to and to talk about these qualities. Being like a spider. Making the invisible visible and digesting the visible into new invisible potential.

Weaving potential

Which power could we unleash if we were to change perspective and dared let our natural wildness speak? What if we took the courage to dream bigger and actually live that dream to the fullest? And how can we create conditons of thrivability into and across different context? We believe that stepping into the potential of people, places and the planet requires queering the web of transformation: innovating from the margins with the ancient wisdom within.

Perspectivist was founded to shine light on the perspectives that have been forgotten. On each one’s unique beauty when speaking from the heart. On our collective potential of living in tune with nature. We have a mission. Nothing short of dreaming into being the regenerative era. But we need you. To embrace your wildness. To let go of the story of separation in your daily life. And write a new chapter of potential. Weaving a communication web that iterates the story of transforming the places and ecosystems you are part of.

Let’s imagine a life where we look at the face of life again. Where we feel fully alive. Where everyone can speak from the heart. Where everyone is being listened to. Where everyone contributes to healing Mother Earth. Where we are enchanted by acts of kindness, by nature’s beauty and by wild playfulness. How does that feel?

We’re a regenerative agency.

An embassy of the regenerative civilization.

The voice of marginalised perspectives.





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