The year 2020 has been a truly exceptional year. From a global pandemic to unprecedented wildfires, storms and floods – never before has humanity been so connected. The globalized society is today united in its suffering, although to different degrees and in different forms. Importantly, we can stop the destructive downward dynamic by adopting a regenerative mindset, lifestyle and economy. Nothing less than a new awareness of what it means to be alive and interconnected is needed. To support this transition in 2021, Perspectivist will launch its Life and Business Regeneration Programmes, as well as a series of events and campaigns.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker

The Coronavirus has exposed the vulnerabilities of a globalized society and weak public health systems. It has also been the first time in history that there has been more concrete and other human-made material than trees, animals and plants. Deforestation, the extraction of the world’s last resources and an unsustainable way of producing and consuming are driving-up biodiversity loss and global warming. As shown by IPBES, biodiversity loss and pandemics are tightly linked. At the same time, the yet dominant mechanistic and growth-obsessed economic model fails to deliver on its promise to create prosperity and human dignity. Today, 1% of the world population owns 50% of global wealth.

For many people, the lockdown has also been an occasion to rethink what matters most in life. From deep conversations with our close ones to the simple pleasures of a walk in nature. The things and lifestyle we had considered “normal” seem quite far away now. This situation can also be seen as an invitation to look at what life is essentially about. It’s an occasion to grow bigger what nourishes and inspires us and let go of the factors that have a degenerative impact on our psyche, society and nature. The forced slowdown of our lifestyle comes also at a period where burnout, stress and civilizational diseases, such as diabetes or cancer, reach unprecedented levels.

While these facts are regrettable, they are only the symptom of deeper challenges and trends that have accompanied modern society for the last few hundred years. A true change in trend can only succeed, if we understand its root causes and move into the right direction. For that, it is crucial to ask the right questions. Will be able to overcome global warming and the health crisis by only investing more in technology? Is doing more of the same enough to create the much-needed systemic changes to move towards healthy societies, environments and economies? What is it that can create exponential potential to resolve these interrelated challenges?

We at Perspectivist believe that a regenerative approach is necessary for deep, transformational and sustainable change to happen. We share a common goal of providing you with the inspiration and the tools for individuals, leaders, teams to imagine and create a regenerative future. In our #Regeneration21 campaign, we will explain the key components of the regenerative transition and provide concrete examples of the regenerative future here today. Since regeneration has also much to do with building a thriving culture and unleashing people’s unique potential, our events will bring together cutting-edge theory and practice. The LIFE Regeneration programme will feature a community platform, series of events, learning resources and personal regeneration mentors to accompany people on their regeneration journey. The BUSINESS Regeneration programme will accompany teams and leaders in going beyond sustainability by tapping into the exponential potentials of the power of nature and collective intelligence.