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The AEIOU community has an incredibly rich soil of wisdom to grow on. AEIOU leadership development programmes, events and ambassadors demonstrate the power of heart-based and conscious leadership in real-life business contexts.

Perspectivist supports AEIOU in dreaming into being its potential as wise leadership steward and thriving community space across continents. We explore storytelling, essence coaching and ecosystem weaving to create a future-fit communication web.


Brand essence coaching

Dream and vision storytelling

Community weaving

Leadership philosophy

AEIOU is leading from love with the wisdom beyond. It is building a bridge between corporate leadership and the wisdom of ancient traditions of wisdom.

Aroha: Leading as love

Eb: Leading in interdependence

Ikigai: Leading with mission

Oikois: Leading for wellbeing

Ubuntu: Leading through trust

Essence and dream

What is the essence of what AEIOU brings to the world? How can we weave a thriving global community web of AEIOU leaders across the worlds of business, education and government? What is the dream that birthes new connections and potential?

Together, we have explored these questions during coaching conversations. Perspectivist has distilled the essence of the AEIOU dream into an own dream story, as well as this brief dream statement:

AEIOU dreams of a world in which we can lead from love with the wisdoms beyond. These wisdoms include Aroha, Eb, Ikigai, Oikos and Ubuntu. It is a world in which our ways of relating give life to thriving organisations, places and communities. A world in which humanity finds its role of being in service of healing mother nature. A world in which leaders can become elders for the next generation. A world that celebrates light mothers, light dads and light queers as birthers of potential, of light. AEIOU now calls for new co-weavers.

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