Brand essence

Shining through radical authenticity

Essence is the unique vibe and sensation of a brand in both the visible and invisible realms. Distilling and sharing the deep authentic essence is what resonates wholly with the heart, intuition, and mind of those we engage with. It enables magic. Perspectivist helps organisations, communities and leaders find alignment and coherence with their inner truths and light. This creates a field of attraction relevant to brand perception, customer and audience engagement, innovation and more.

Traditional brand approaches are building a static façade devoid of essence, of life, of movement. Furthermore, brand strategies are often expensive, overly action-oriented, ineffective, and superficial. Many serve an aesthetic, language and narrative of expansion, domination, and competition. Today, ChatGPT does the bullshitting job. These factors lead to lacking reciprocity, distrust and disengagement. It can burn out the brand, teams and the ecosystems and communities it depends upon.

Regenerative brands move beyond the extractive logic of today’s attention economy. They let go of the industrial narratives that create scarcity for marketing degenerative products. Instead, regenerative branding create a sense of radical belonging, of radical being, of radical beauty. They embrace perspectives of thrivability and crystalise the essence of their role in healing and regenerating their ecosystems. They are deeply rooted, while embracing the fluidity of their identity.

A meaningful story is the backbone of an impactful brand

As human communications are based on meaningfulness, narratives shape the way we see and engage within the world. How the story of the brand essence is woven into today's narratives (in markets, media, politics, and communities) is a guiding element in branding. To harvest the fruits of the brand’s ecosystem, the story also integrates – we call it „storyweaving“ – perspectives that enhance brand potential. For instance, this means cross-fertilising connections with concrete communities and places. Consequently, this can ground the brand’s success for the future. Rather than “conquering” collapsing markets, brands create webs that nourish it.

Bringing out the brand essence is a co-creative journey involving deep listening. Through coaching and conversations, Perspectivist harvests the wisdom, sensation, feeling, narrative and frequency of the brand. This unique and delicious mix is then distilled into a brand story written by Perspectivist. Dream stories can serve as an opening for brands that are moving to a next phase, again dynamically enriching their essence and connections in their ecosystem.

Essence-based branding enables natural growth on fertile soil

From an essential brand story usually clearly emerge relevant audiences, markets, product development ideas, communication channels, messages, as well as visual and other cues for the brand. This saves time, money and energy, while creating positive ripple effects for the organization, communities and nature. Embracing regenerative branding is embracing the dormant wildness within.


Brand essence coaching

Dream and vision storytelling

Communications ecosystem weaving

"Regenerative branding is an invitation to tap into your potential and play your role in regenerating communities and places. I believe we need more courage to live our fullest selves. This is what will radiate and make your communications successful."
Jean-Philippe Steeger

How we bring out your essence

1. Harvesting

With a coaching posture of deep listening, we will sense into the visible and invisible parts of your essence. This will inform how the brand feels, looks, tastes, sounds, resonates, inspires, connects and attracts.

Together, we will explore the potential of the brand within its unique communication ecosystem. By identifying cross-fertilisation points, we will channel the attention of your communications towards flowing your energy into where potential for brand development is greatest.

2. Distilling

In a second step, Perspectivist channels the insights about the brand essence into a unique brand story. The brand story reflects the spirit of the client in all its facets, while connecting the story with relevant audiences, narratives, agendas and markets. If the client is in a transition phase, the dream story will attract new potential for thriving.

3. Infusing

With the crystalised essence of the brand, its unique role in its ecosystem becomes clear. Having done the ground work, natural pathways emerge on how to continue weaving the brand’s communication ecosystem. The brand, products and services find their meaningful place and naturally attract clients that they can enrich. This translates into concrete choices for channels, messages and activities.

When to harvest your essence

• You feel you have done a lot of things but lack the connecting thread among them

• You sense that there is a gap between what you offer and how people understand it

• You are stuck in how to go forward with your brand, marketing and communications

• You would like to improve the quality of what you’re offering by deepening connections

• You are not clear about your brand’s role in creating a regenerative future

• You sense you are moving away from your purpose and feel misaligned

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