Perspectivist: the voice of regenerators

It's time for regenerative communications

What happens if we dare speak up for truth, for integrity, for a better life for all living beings? Because let’s face it: the current dynamics are destructive – everywhere we look. We’re moving ever faster in the wrong direction. Everything has been pushed beyond limits. Raped. Instead of facing our truths, we risk bullshitting ourselves into extinction. It’s time to listen to the depth of our hearts: why do you want humanity to survive?

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Dear fellow human,

Today’s attention economy is governed by Mr. Bullshit, assisted by Mr. Lies, Mr. Ego Fight, Mr. Greenwashing and an obscure algorithm. Competition, control and violence have become normalized reality. In essence, communications, marketing and PR industries contribute to the degenerative trends we see everywhere.

It pays to direct your attention away from nature, away from the feminine, away from what nourishes you, away from indigenous wisdom, away from peace, away from what makes you alive to the fullest. Your scarcity has become the industry’s business model.

Even your consciousness has now become a commodity. The extractive economy moves from fossil fuels to extracting your soul in the Metaverse. Matrix reloaded. It's time to stay stop. Take a break. Slow down.

Just as we have pushed our attention to our limits, so have we pushed the limits of our communities and ecosystems that sustain our lives. At Perspectivist, we believe it’s high time for making communications a thriving force for meaning, healing and aliveness.

Humans playing golf while their planet is burning

Will you join us in dreaming into being the regenerative era?

We have a mission. Nothing short of dreaming into being the regenerative era. But we need you. To embrace your wildness. To let go of the story of separation in your daily life. And write a new chapter of potential.

Let’s imagine a life where we look at the face of life again. Where we feel fully alive. Where everyone can speak from the heart. Where everyone is being listened to. Where everyone contributes to healing Mother Earth.

Where we let go of the traumas that have kept us stuck for thousands of years.

Look no further: life-aligned approaches already demonstrate what it means to dream into being an age that celebrates diversity, wildness and regeneration. Beyond greenwashing, regenerationwashing and wishful thinking.

You will find wisdoms from ecovillages, regenerative farmers, permaculture practitioners, biomimicry innovators, indigenous peace promoters, regenerative leaders, living systems designers, biophilic architects, holistic healers, caring communities and so many others.

Today, they have a new ally: Perspectivist. A regenerative agency. Made with spider science.

But the question is: are you ready to speak up for truth, integrity and love?

We know only that will survive.

And we’re there to make it flourish.

Yours spiderly,

Jean-Philippe from Gaia

Founder of Perspectivist

+++ open for spider business +++

June 2023
Open letter
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