Perhaps the earth can teach us

As when everything seems dead

And later proves to be alive

—Pablo Neruda

In the Northern hemisphere, these spring days offer a spectacular diversity of colourful flowers, fresh smells and shades of green. The cities’ greyness, noise and polluted air make place for the natural beauty all around us, in every little corner. Just as in the Christian tradition of Easter, everything now stands under a sign of renewal, regeneration and vibrant life.

The Coronavirus has forced many among us to take a step back, claim time and space for our inner growth and let things go that were not meant to stay. The darkness, fears and anger of the last months are not there to remain. This spring is a chance for #ReGeneration. It’s a time to reconnect to our inner light and fire, to our passions and to other beings.

What else than acts out of compassion and borderless love for ourselves and the world around us could give us this regenerating and healing power we need in these challenging times? After all, the pre-Corona world, marked by fear, greed, hatred and anger, has come to an end. This society has burned out, like so many people in the so-called developed world.

What comes next is a phase of personal growth, of re-balancing, of actively listening to our needs, of trying new things, of learning and unlearning. It’s also a time to start sharing our light, joy and creativity with the world around us. The message of the Coronavirus is also the one that our health is intimately linked with the health of all other humans, and indeed wildlife. It may be a time for a shared understanding that we evolve together or not at all.

If you feel you need support in uncovering your inner light and want to talk about your current situation, don’t hesitate to book a free #CoronaCoaching session with one of our amazing coaches.

If you wish to embark on a deeper Personal Evolution journey, we offer a first Starter Coaching session of 1h and will then determine which of our four coaching formulas would best suit your situation.

Since many businesses and organisation are now looking for a new purpose and ways to help in the #ReGeneration of our communities and ecosystems, the Perspectivist will soon offer consulting and training sessions for Organisational Change.