War chronicles

Healing the wounds from the war on life

New narratives beyond war 

At an ever more digitally connected time, we’re ever more divided. The war in Ukraine is the latest sign of destruction. From battlefield to smartphone screen – violence is taking the attention over our hearts, minds and hopes. After a painful and divisive pandemic and amid a climate emergency, the world seems at its darkest. And yet, potential is greatest.

The new War Chronicles by Perspectivist portray the phenomenon of contemporary warfare in its diverse manifestations. From the war on nature to military interventions. Poetically and communicatively, the series explores how our perspectives on war shape the way we experience it.

The series asks how to move beyond bullshitting-into-extinction narratives: how can we write the next chapter in history, one where humanity is thriving on the ashes of modernity? And which role do communicators play in exiting the spiral of violence in an ever more pervasive attention economy?

By redrawing the patterns that fuel modern-day violence, the series contributes to a deeper investigation on the sources of contemporary divisions. Thereby, the articles hope to contribute to re-fertilising the soils for building a peaceful and thriving world beyond violence-as-usual.

What comes after the wars? Dare we imagine and make another world?






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