Do you feel it too? Under greyest skies, record storms hail down on anxious citizens crowded in polluted megacities, where each just wants to get out of this hell, either in the family-SUV stuck in a self-contributed traffic jam or in a sardine-box-style public transport facility. The faces bend to their smartphones, the blue screen light sparks rays of hope mixed with a good punch of electrosmog.

Arrived at home, the newsfeed promises the white middle class an escape from reality. For instance a plastic straw decorated cocktail on a seemingly unpolluted dream beach in Thailand for only 500 bucks or at least the unique opportunity to purchase a new outfit from the hottest brand to post on your Instagram account in the pursuit of “sharing” your joy. Chasing the illusion that the more you take, the more you’ll get. More likes, more friends, a sexier body, a higher salary – you just gotta be disciplined to have your perfect life. You gotta get moving and seize it. And now the next thing: be mindful, be healthy, be positive – success guaranteed, I mean all these billionaires do it too, don’t they?

Behind the surface, a profound insecurity, an unpleasant feeling hard to rationalize with the Western mind. After all, it’s not YOUR responsibility, all that shit going on in the world, or even in your neighbourhood. And you probably can’t be bothered to think what it would mean, if it was. The others don’t do anything either, do they? So why bother at all and just “live the moment” instead – that’s what the Buddhists preach, isn’t it?

The fallacy here is that your happiness is independent of the happiness of others. To push the logic of our contemporary materialistic individualism to the extreme, you have to choose your friends well, choose a job in which you can flourish, do your yoga practice and a second sport, meditate and eat healthily. The others have nothing to do with your well-being, the argument goes. And yet, we grow together in our communities, that have sadly become very shallow in times where facebook friends are mistaken for real ones. Where the next love is just a swipe away. Where the next retreat will give you back the energy you lost in your bullshit job. Where investing time and love in others is just a waste of time, they may not be worth it, after all. What have they done for me?

Nature may well be smarter than your smartest reasoning. It always allows us to let go of our fears, anger, isolation and uneasiness. If we allow it to enter. If we allow our inner peace to grow. We’re not alone in this, but we have to go the first step. To cultivate our intentions. To visualise the change we want to see. To believe in it. And all the rest will follow: deeper relationships, more joy, better health. A natural intelligence, not a forced one. A natural joy, not a bought one. A natural success, one that is unique to you, yet embedded in your community and culture.

After the storm, we’ll collect what it has left. Will it be love or plastic? And if it’s plastic, what can we do with it?

Stay tuned, The Perspectivist will help you to build a better after-storm world.