We are a creative communications agency that believes in the power of nature, community and imagination.

Imagine a world in which we look at the face of life again. A world where every being can speak from the heart and every story is being listened to.

We reconnect leaders, organisations, and places to their wild and beautiful essence, as to empower them becoming forces for thriving cultures and places.

Our mission is to pollinate and weave spaces for humans to share their passion of fighting for and dancing with life.

About regenerative communications

Regenerative communications are like life. There are ups and downs, cycles and rhythms, you feel it or you don’t. Rather than copy-pasting solutions onto you, it’s about finding what’s unique and lovely about you. That involves a way of working that embraces honesty, passion and creativity.

Perspectivist has been a pioneer in developing regenerative communications. We use nature’s time-tested recipes to create fertile dynamics for communications, branding and marketing. Like the spider, our approach works with captivating webs. We identify which type of web suits you, in which landscape to weave it, and from which angles.

Regenerative communications are an innovative way to deepen your impact, broaden your opportunities and widen your potential. By design, we make sure that our work benefits you, your clients and your environment at the same time. The result of our work can vary depending on the needs, but often include a clearer value proposition, new client segments, greater engagement and new business opportunities.


Jean-Philippe Steeger


Jean-Philippe has been a passionate and creative voice at the intersection of communications, leadership and policy-making. From an early age, he has felt he had a role to play to bring perspectives together.

He has founded and led pioneering organisations in civil society and politics, including ManagersForFuture and the Regenerative Communications Collective. With the learnings from his regenerative journey since 2019, he has given life to his regenerative agency, Perspectivist.

His love for performing arts, including theatre and circus, inspire him to integrate embodiment and creativity into his communication practice.


Serge the spider

Chief Executive Weaver

Our communications are inspired by nature’s masters of web-weaving: spiders. They do not only produce the world’s strongest materials, but also have a gift in making the invisible visible.

While the founder of Amazon has left an empty chair at each meeting for users to revolutionise user-design, Perspectivist works with the wisdom of marginalised perspectives, including from other species than humans.

Learning from 3,8 billion years of evolution in our communication practice can give great insights on how to create lasting success, while promoting health and well-being for ourselves and our environments.



We are curious communicators who always begin with understanding you and your needs.

Dare you imagine another story?


Our work has purpose, and that purpose is what drives us. These are the core values that unite us and guide what we do.

We work in partnership with passionate and honest clients


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