We are a communications agency for passionate change-makers.

We are proud to work with clients who are tackling some of our most pressing challenges - whether in business, civil society, or media. We believe that meaningful, lively and ecosystemic communications are fundamental to success and well-being.

Our offers are available in English, French and German.

The Communications Portrait by Perspectivist takes a deep and broad look at your communications and value proposition today. Understanding how you are being perceived by different stakeholders, including (potential) clients, is key to success.

Our unique approach crystalises your living potential by identifying where you shine or not - from the clarity of your role to the attractiveness of your dream. This can be your start as a regenerative communications leader.

The portrait will be particularly useful when you lack a clear and coherent thread, struggle relating to clients, want to identify new segments and/or want to identify promising communication channels.

What you get

• Your communications evaluation along six dimensions
• An analysis of your external communications (internal on request)
• Branding and communication recommendations and questions
• A clearer picture on your current and potential communication role

Perspectivist’s essential branding can be pictured as the backbone of all your communications. It provides clarity, orientation and coherence for everything you do or will do. By design, and in contrast to traditional brand identities, it also evolves over time.

The brand essence also covers clear opportunities for connecting with who and what matters to your success. We channel our insights into a brand story that reflects the spirit of our client in all its facets, while connecting with relevant audiences, narratives, agendas and markets. If the client is in a transition phase, the dream story will attract new potential for thriving.

Going through the branding process makes sense when you want to open up to new customer segments, stakeholders and opportunities; are in a phase of sprouting or renewal; want to clearly express what you offer; need orientation and coherence in how you appear; would like to explore your communication leadership around a topic, agenda and/or market.

What you get

• 1-1 creative coaching and consulting sessions
• Your new Brand Canvas by Perspectivist
• Your new Brand Story by Perspectivist
• New perspectives for developing your value proposition and stakeholders

Our coaching and consulting partnership supports you finding orientation in how you show up, who you have on your radar and which opportunities you may have left aside. Importantly, our work is based on your unique essence. This ensures coherence and creates conditions for sustainable success.

Beyond standard strategies, we will creatively design your communications in a way that promotes synergies and break-throughs for what matters to you. We tap into nature‘s exponential dynamics by rooting your unique communications in concrete places and communities.

Whether you need flexible occasional support or would like to have a regular solution, we will custom-design our partnership. This option is ideal when you need general communication support; would like to deepen your impact; feel called by integrating more diversity and/or sense that it's time to bring your communications, marketing and PR to the next level.